Stereophile Reviews GAIA Titan Cronos

This week, Stereophile’s Analog Corner, written by Michael Fremer, featured our heavy-duty, threaded speaker isolation feet, GAIA Titan Cronos. After experiencing a demonstration at the EISA 2019 convention in Antwerp, Mr. Fremer asked for his own set of GAIA Titans and tested them with his pair of Wilson Alexx speakers.

Following his own tests of the isolators, he reflected on the demonstration:

Everything I heard under lousy hotel room demo conditions was 10x more dramatic at home. It was not at all subtle. These feet remarkably reduced (I’d say “eliminated” but another product might come along and take this to yet another level) “smear” and “blur” that I was completely unaware was there.

After I put the speakers on GAIA-TITAN Cronos feet, the improvement in low-level detail, resolution, image focus, clarity, bass attack and decay and transparency were – I’ll write it again – not at all subtle. They were huge! I swear that’s not hyperbole.

He also noted improvements in timbre, clarity, and more, on his favorite record with the help of the GAIA Titan Cronos.

I thought I’d reached the limits of what could be extracted from that record, but with the GAIA-TITAN Cronos installed I heard things on “Feelin’ Alright?” I’ve never before heard, especially background vocal asides and assorted percussive accents. The clarity of some cowbell hits startled, both timbrally (more metal) and spatially (right there), as did the overall ease of the presentation.

Thank you Michael Fremer for reviewing the GAIA-TITAN’s.

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