Keyhole Adapter

Adapts the V120 isolation mount to third-party mounting hardware

key features

Mount the IsoAcoustics V120 to third-party hardware

The strong and sturdy Keyhole Adapter installs on the top of the IsoAcoustics V120 isolation mount and provides quick and easy attachment to mounts from Neumann and Adam Audio.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.9” x 1.6” x 1.1” (74mm x 40mm x 28mm)
Weight 0.55lbs (0.25kg)


The V120 Keyhole Adaptor as part of your V120 Mount setup

This product works as part of the V120 Mount system.

Take a look at our visual guide to see if it is the right fit for your setup.

You can also mount your V120 to the ceiling, truss and unistrut.

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We recommend first checking the IsoAcoustics Product Selector to check if a specific speaker model is compatible with the V120 and determine which brackets and adapters are required. If a model is not listed in the Product Selector, we recommend submitting an inquiry to IsoAcoustics by email to info@isoacoustics.com. The V120 is only compatible with speakers that have threaded connection points located on the back of the studio monitor, or have threaded connection points on the sides of the speaker and U bracket must be available for the speaker to connect to the V120. Please check the V120 U-Bracket Adapter to verify if the U bracket is compatible with the V120 U Bracket Adapter. If the threaded inserts are located on the back, the hole pattern must match the V120 bracket with a spacing of 2.75” to 3” vertical (70-76mm), or match one of the V120 adapters.  
The thread size for the top of the V120 mount is M10-1.5.

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