SoundStage! Xperience Put ISO-Series To The Test

US-based Hi-Fi critic Wes Marshall of online publication SoundStage! Experience recently reviewed our new range of isolating desktop studio monitor stands: the ISO-Series.

Marshall noted that in contrast to the previous generation ‘L8R’ stands, the ISO-Series features a lower profile to cater for engineers who prefer to set up their speakers closer to the mixing console, as well as overall improved soundstage performance.

Focusing specifically on the ISO200 stands, Marshall chose two active high-end studio monitors for testing: Barefoot Sound’s Footprint01 and the Focal Solo 6 Be, along with some undeniably excellent playlist choices from artists such as Brad Mehldau, Beck and Tom Waits.

Marshall praised the ISO-Series’ ease of assembly and portability compared with other studio stand systems:

The IsoAcoustics stands take a different approach, and don’t depend on mass or sharply spiked interfaces. The stands are plenty strong enough to hold my 35-pound Barefoot speakers, yet light enough that I can carry an entire home theater’s worth of stands in one hand.

Avid SoundStage! Experience readers will know Wes Marshall as an existing user of L8R-Series stands from his 2015 IsoAcoustics review: ‘Magic or Science,’ and Marshall’s closing statement from his latest article suggests that his confidence in the performance of IsoAcoustics’ desktop monitoring stands has in no way been dented:

I can’t put it any more plainly. IsoAcoustics’ new ISO-200 is the best $189 that anyone with a pair of small speakers, especially nearfield speakers, could possibly spend.

Check out even more articles from Wes Marshall here, or head to our list of worldwide pro audio distributors to find your nearest ISO-Series stockist!

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