Merrill Audio To Integrate IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolators Into All Electronics

Markham, ON, Canada (October 16, 2017)IsoAcoustics, the award-winning designers of the acclaimed GAIA series of acoustic isolation footers, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with renowned hi-fi equipment maker Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC, whose power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers keep winning numerous awards every year.  Effective immediately, all Merrill Audio electronics will ship with GAIA III isolation footers.

“I first heard the footers at a colleague’s ( Harry Weisfeld of VPI — a very credible, and astute listener.) He was using the IsoAcoustics GAIAs under his KEF Blade speakers, and loved them,” says Merrill. “Once I tried that GAIA III under my equipment, I decided that I wanted to partner with IsoAcoustics.”

Mr. Wettasinghe believes that using the GAIA footers under his components will bring listeners closer to the Golden Mean of the audiophile experience: that perfect balance between accuracy and emotion.

“Audiophiles are very particular,” he says. “The listener wants emotion and high-quality reproduction and wants to re-create a live sound stage. The sound from a stage depends upon where you sit, of course, and the front row is provides a more distinct placement of the music source. That’s where footers become important — they allow for a much more accurate reproduction with the correct emotion.”

Mr. Wettasinghe is confident his recent partnership will yield the next best thing to live concert music. “I believe that IsoAcoustics will help bring them closer to the front of Carnegie Hall,” he enthuses. “I’m using the GAIA III, which are the smallest in the series, because they fit perfectly under all my equipment.  The footers will be included with all my products when they ship. It’s already implemented.”

“IsoAcoustics is honored to be partnering with Merrill Audio, a celebrated leader in the hi-end amplifier community,” says Dave Morrison, Founder CEO of IsoAcoustics. “We look forward to working on future projects together.”

About Merrill Audio

Audio purity is the goal of every Merrill Audio product. Since their first product in 2010, Merrill still searches for ways to unveil more of the music and deliver music that is close to live, with all the emotion and accuracy. The research has to be done with best-in-class technologies from all over the world, put together to form the best equipment for the best value.  After 30-plus years of experience in research, marketing, global sales and management, Merrill is bringing a global perspective to Merrill Audio products that sound great and look elegant.

About IsoAcoustics Inc.

IsoAcoustics stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of virtually all speakers and amplification systems, including monitors for the professional studio and sound reinforcement, home theatre systems, musical instrument amplifiers, subwoofers and large monitors. AlI IsoAcoustics stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to float in free space, resulting in authentic, clear, uncolored sound.

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