Justin Marcellus writes…. ISO-L8R155: „my first impression is WOW”

Justin Marcellus is an LA based professional composer who regularly composes for the Discovery Channel, A & E, History Channel and many more.  Justin purchased a pair of ISO-L8R155’s from Brad Kaminski at Pacific Pro Audio, and send this message to Brad in response…….

So I set these up today and my first impression is WOW.  Not sure how many clients of yours are composers, but for me, my mix immediately had more ‘space’. I wasn’t bogged down with tons of lower frequencies and weird resonation.  Mids were WAY clear.  Wow, violas don’t sound like nasal crap anymore.  🙂

Before, the monitors sat on my wooden desk and with a large mix, things would either be muddy or feel super full when I really felt there was more room than what I was hearing.   200+ track mixes can get insane, but these speakers really allow me to dig deeper now with the stands.  The first instruments I tried were some really low basses and cellos with some light synths.  Man, you could really hear more of the bow on the string rather than being lost in the low frequency.  That’s a huge bonus for my mixes.

Great for the price for sure.  Very good indeed for composers; especially those who work with high-end, third-party libraries.

Thanks man!

Justin Marcellus


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