Dynaudio Professional and IsoAcoustics Announce Strategic Partnership

A partnership in pursuit of unsurpassed audio for studio professionals.

(Frankfurt, Germany, 14 March 2014) Dynaudio Professional, a world-leading manufacturer of high-precision monitors, and IsoAcoustics, designer of the acclaimed ISO-L8R series of adjustable speaker stands announced their strategic partnership at the Musikmesse / ProLight+Sound 2014 show in Frankfurt.

Unsurpassed Audio

Global Business Manager for Dynaudio Professional, Fred Speckeen says: “Poor isolation and positioning can prevent even the best monitors from reaching their full potential. For the new BM mkIII series we were determined to deliver our new monitors with the best isolation solution included, so we evaluated a wide range of available solutions Until we heard IsoAcoustics, we thought we’d just do it ourselves! We chose IsoAcoustics by ear, but meeting Dave Morrison and his team confirmed for us that our two companies also share a deep passion for audio, so we created this partnership.“ 

Dave Morrison, Founder and President of IsoAcoustics adds: “We are very pleased that this world-leading manufacturer is recognizing the importance of acoustic isolation as a crucial part of monitor performance, and not just an aftermarket solution. We are excited to work with such a forward-thinking company as Dynaudio Professional, and we are raising the standards of what recording professionals can expect from their studio monitor performance.”

Next Generation of an Industry Standard

In addition to their evolved designs for this next generation of an industry standard, each of the new Dynaudio Professional BM mkIII near-field monitors come with an IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R monitor stand.  Each BM Compact mkIII and BM5 mkIII includes an IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R 155, and each BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII includes and ISO-L8R 200 monitor stand.

Each dual-branded IsoAcoustics
monitor stand allows the monitor to ‘float’ in free space, providing an authentic and uncolored sound that is achieved by eliminating energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. The advantages are significant and apart from a tighter bass response, overall imaging is enhanced and the monitors are able to always perform to their full potential.

Fred Speckeen, Global Brand
Manager for Dynaudio Professional concludes: “We are tremendously impressed with what IsoAcoustics has accomplished in creating its ISO-L8R series and are honored to announce this strategic partnership.“

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 & BM mkIII

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