Amphion FlexBase25 Features Integrated IsoAcoustics iPuck Isolators

IsoAcoustics is thrilled that Amphion has chosen to integrate IsoAcoustics iPuck in their FlexBase25.

The iPuck is recessed into the base of the Flexbase25 cabinet and features IsoAcoustics patented isolation design to manage the energy from the subwoofer and provide improved sound clarity. 

About Amphion  

Honest and accurate sound reproduction is the goal of every Amphion product. Established in 1998, Amphion has over 20 years of experience designing and building loudspeakers for both home and studio use. All products are handmade in Finland and designed to provide enduring listening quality. With the help of precise driver integration and controlled dispersion technology, Amphion ensures phase coherency and world-class imaging in all products.  


FlexBase25 is a modern take on the subwoofer design that is well suited for both studio and home environments. FlexBase25 works to add and transform by turning your 2-way monitor into a 3-way full range system. It is easy to setup and adjust and it works well with Amphion products as well as other studio monitors. 

iPuck and FlexBase25  

The iPuck isolators work with FlexBase25 to provide high sound quality by reducing vibrations resonating through the supporting surface. By eliminating vibrational variables, the iPuck helps to remove dissonant sounds in listening areas or joining rooms. The iPuck isolators, recessed into FlexBase25, reduce internal reflections to eliminate smear and provide more punch and clarity 

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